Game Day: Saturday, August 20

We will have a special Game Day for our students this coming Saturday, August 20. Come to your special session where we will be playing a selection of our favorite training games.  You may find one or two that are new to you! Sessions will meet on the schedule below: 2:00-2:45pm — ages 6-8 3:00-3:30pm...


New Students & Families Orientation Meeting: Friday, August 19

We will be having an Orientation Meeting for new students and their families on Friday, August 19, at 7:00pm.  This meeting should last about 30 minutes. Open to all new students and families — and especially recommended for Parents.  We will go over the details of the Fundamentals and Tigers programs.  This includes earning achievement...


1st Achievement Stripe Tests This Week!

We will have 1st Achievement Stripe (Bronze) tests for our Karate Tigers, Fundamentals and Honors students during our lessons this coming week — Monday, August 1 through Sunday, August 7. Fundamentals and Honors students should attend both your “A” and “B” lessons this week to complete your stripe test. Karate Tigers students should attend at...


6 Ways to Keep Kid’s School Skills Sharp Over the Summer!

Worried your kids will forget what they learned in school over the summer?  Scholars have been studying the problem for over a century. When William White, an New York state mathematics professor, set out in the early 1900s to study how much math students remembered over summer vacation, he checked to see how well they...


Summer Term Lessons Begin: Tuesday, July 5th

Lessons for our Summer Term begin Tuesday, July 5th! Our Event Schedule for the Summer Term 2022 is now available.  Please look this over at your convenience to find out about the special events coming up during the Summer Term at Broadway Family Karate. Please follow the link below for your Event Schedule: Summer Term...


School Closed: Monday, July 4th

Just a reminder that our school will be closed on Monday, July 4th in observance of the Independence Day Holiday.  No lessons will meet on this day. We will begin lessons for our Summer Term on Tuesday, July 5th. Have a happy & safe holiday!


“Catch Up” Week: Monday-Sunday, June 27-July 3

We have our “Catch Up” Week this week — Monday through Sunday, June 27-July 3. We’ll have special sessions available by appointment during this week.  These will help you get caught up if you have had to miss a few lessons during the past few weeks. During this week, we will be conducting: Make Up...


Graduation Ceremonies: Monday-Sunday, June 20-26

Our Graduation Ceremonies for the Spring Term will be during the upcoming week:  Monday through Sunday, June 20-26. As we have discussed in our lessons together, we will hold our Graduation Ceremonies here at our school. Graduation will be during your usual class time, but on the day you have selected — either your “A”...


Promotion Exams This Week: June 13-19

Promotion Exams for our Spring Term are coming up this week, June 13-19 (Monday through Sunday). Promotion Exams are the tests where our students demonstrate the martial arts skills they have learned during this term, and will earn their advancement to their next belt rank. The Promotion Exams will take place during normal lesson times...


Exam Preparation Week: June 6-12

Just a reminder that upcoming is our Exam Preparation Week — Monday through Sunday, June 6-12. For all our students, we’ll be preparing for our upcoming Promotion Exams.  We’ll be reviewing and practicing all of the skills that you’ll be demonstrating for your Exam next week — so that you can do your very best...