What Fees Will I Pay?

We keep this as simple and straightforward for you as possible. Once you’ve enrolled as an ongoing student with us, you’ll make a tuition payment once a month. Your tuition payment will cover all foreseeable expenses associated with your regular lessons. You won’t be having to pay endless “add-on” fees for your instruction.

Broadway Family Karate All Inclusive Pricing includes:

$115/month (Tigers) – $135/month (Fundamentals Courses — Juniors, Pre-Teens, Teens & Adults)

  • Special training events
  • First uniform
  • Promotion/rank exam
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • New rank belt
  • Social Events (i.e., movie nights)
  • Family events (i.e., Halloween safety)
  • Orientation meeting
  • Weekly Warrior Personal Strength and Assertiveness lessons on topics such as courtesy, humility, and respect, including special written materials for you to use at home.

Costs of Instruction