Trusted Associates

Our school has ongoing relationships with a select group of tried and trusted associates.  These are martial arts organizations and individual schools dedicated to ongoing professional development, high standards of instruction, and a cooperative multi-disciplinary approach to the study and practice of martial arts.

American Karate and Taekwondo Organization (AKATO)

Established in 1993, the instructors and students of the AKATO share their active commitment to three closely related purposes:

  1. Developing the highest quality education for martial arts students.
  2. Encouraging strong professional standards for member schools and instructors.
  3. Cultivating mutual understanding and cooperation among martial artists of different traditions.

Martial arts of Korean and Okinawan/Japanese origin have special divisions within the AKATO.

Satori-Ryu Budo

This organization oversees curriculum structure and instruction in the martial arts of Satori-ryu Iaido (Samurai Sword), Karate-do, Kobudo (Old Warrior Ways), and Jodo (Wayfarer’s Staff).

Satori-ryu Budo is the “Way of the Enlightened Warrior” – the Modern Samurai.  Samurai means “one who serves”.  A Modern Samurai doesn’t seek out confrontation and violence as a way of proving themselves.  Instead, a Modern Samurai firmly faces and takes on the duties, obligations and responsibilities to others and to themselves that are an essential part of life.   In the process, this warrior shapes and strengthens their character and personal identity. 

Japanese Martial Arts Academy 

Located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, this dojo is under the supervision of Jerry Cichon, Renshi.  He also provides guidance for instructors and students at the Tonbo Dojo in Mounds, Oklahoma.  This school is a certified affiliate of the Satori-ryu Budo.

The Japanese Martial Arts Academy provides students with instruction in these martial arts:

  • Goju-ryu Karate
  • Wado-ryu Karate
  • Classic Japanese Jujitsu
  • San-Do-ryu Self-Defense
  • Satori-ryu Iaido

Joong Do Kwan Taekwondo

This dojang was established by Colin Wee in Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia in 2000.  The students and instructors of the Joong Do Kwan take a progressive approach to the study and practice of classic Taekwondo.  They focus on understanding and applying traditional skills as working combinations for effective self-defense.

This school emphasizes Mudo – seeking excellence of self through the practice of the warrior arts.  The Joong Do Kwan is a member school of the AKATO.