We offer three separate courses of instruction for children, structured to meet the specific needs of each group, and to foster their growth and development. These are Karate Tigers (ages 4+), Junior Karate Fundamentals (ages 6+), and Pre-Teen Karate Fundamentals (ages 9+).

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Teen Programs

Our Teen Karate Fundamentals course is designed to meet the needs of your teen as a beginning karate student. Our adolescent karate students are actively seeking their own independent identity as martial artists – and can chafe at some of the restrictions appropriate for a child. Karate allows your teen to try out a more adult role, and encourages them to accept increasing personal responsibilities without being overwhelmed by too much too fast.

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Adult Programs

Our Adult Fundamentals course is designed to meet the needs of mature adults as beginning karate students. If you’ve been somewhat sedentary in recent years, and want to adopt a more active lifestyle, these classes are for you. Just as important, our karate classes will give you stimulating mental exercise as you learn and master new skills.

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