Prospective Students

The Basics on Getting Started at Our School: A Guide for Prospective New Students and Families

We keep this as simple – and as transparent – for you as possible. For most of us, life is complicated enough already without getting tied into knots over how your karate lessons work. The following points should cover the ground in this area pretty thoroughly.

1) How Do I Get Started?

We Make It Easy To Get Started

Try our 3 Lesson Introductory Course. This is the best way for you to get acquainted with our school, find out what goes on during lessons, and see if we will be a good fit for you and your family. This will also give you the chance to meet some of our instructors, and some of your fellow students. I strongly recommend this course as your first step for anyone who is interested in studying the martial arts with us. Please follow this link for complete information, including how to register: 3 Lesson Introductory Course.

2) What Do I Wear?

You won’t need any kind of special martial arts uniform for your 3 Lesson Introductory Course. Just wear something you can move around comfortably in – a t-shirt and shorts or sweats will be just fine. After that, should you decide to enroll as an ongoing student with us, we will provide you with your first uniform at no charge.

3) When Are My Lessons?

We currently have limited openings available for new students.  Please contact our school at your earliest convenience to check on availability and lesson times.

4) What Equipment Do I Need To Buy?

That’s easy – None. For our new students, we have all the special training equipment you will need for your lessons on hand for you here at our school. You’re not going to be asked to buy a big package of special gear to get started.

5) How Do I Enroll As An Ongoing Student?

Once you’ve completed your 3 Lesson Introductory Course, we’ll sit down together and talk about your experiences in class. We’ll discuss any questions you may have, and whether we’re going to be a good fit for you going forward. At that point, if you’re ready to enroll as an ongoing student with us, it will take us just a few minutes to read over and complete your enrollment paperwork together. There is no extra “Enrollment Fee”.

6) What Fees Will I Pay?

We keep this as simple and straightforward for you as possible. Once you’ve enrolled as an ongoing student with us, you’ll make a tuition payment once a month. Your tuition payment will cover all foreseeable expenses associated with your regular lessons. You won’t be having to pay endless “add-on” fees for your instruction.

Broadway Family Karate All Inclusive Pricing includes:

$115/month (Tigers) – $135/month (Fundamentals Courses — Juniors, Pre-Teens, Teens & Adults)

Costs of Instruction

7) Am I Going To Have To Sign A Long-Term Contract?

That’s easily answered — No. We use a simple, flexible “Open Membership” that goes forward on a monthly basis. You’re able to “freeze” your payments at need (if you’re going to be out of town for several weeks over the summer, for example). Your “Open Membership” can also be cancelled at your discretion with a simple 30 day written notice to us.

8)  Will I be able to help my child learn?

Yes, you will.  During our lessons together, you’ll act as your child’s training partner from time to time.  The lead instructor will show you how to use the training equipment involved — usually blockers, targets and shields.  You’ll also be guided through how individual skill development exercises work.  You’ll also have online Video Tutorials and written Guides to all the skills we’re learning and developing in your child’s lessons.  All of these will give you the means to help your child practice at home, to help them learn and strengthen their karate skills.

We currently have limited openings for new students in our lessons.  Please contact our school to check on availability and lesson times.

Sign up today for our 3 Lesson Introductory Course – get to know our school for yourself, and experience the fun, excitement, and personal benefits of karate at first hand. You and your family are welcome at our school.

3 Lesson Introductory Course