Tom Booker

I began my study of Taekwondo in 1989 in Knoxville, as a student in the old USTA, under Mr. James Rich. I earned 1st degree black belt rank from him in 1993. In the years since, I have continued my study of Taekwondo, and currently hold 4th Dan rank through both the AAU and AKATO. In recent years, I have continued my study of Taekwondo under the guidance of Master Keith Yates (10th Dan) of Dallas, Texas. In addition to Taekwondo, Master Yates has also gotten me started on the study of Kobudo.

Philip B Disselkoen

Philip earned a 2nd Dan Black Belt from Broadway Family Karate in Nov 14, 2009. In 2008, he competed in Kentucky Qualifier Point Sparring. He attended Karate College from 2009 to 2011, and competed in the Georgia Qualifier, Point Sparring (3rd Place), and Patterns earning 1st Place in 2010.

Scott Thompson

Scott began his study of Tae Kwon Do in 2007 at Broadway Family Karate, but not as a student but as the father of a student. His daughter Avigayle started taking lesson at Broadway Family Karate in early 2007, and he followed suit in the fall of 2007. He earned his Black Belt in 2009, followed by the rank of 1st Dan in November 2010, and eventually the rank of 2nd Dan two years later in November of 2012.

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