Adult Fundamentals

Our Adult Fundamentals course is designed to meet the needs of mature adults as beginning karate students. If you’ve been somewhat sedentary in recent years, and want to adopt a more active lifestyle, these classes are for you. Just as important, our karate classes will give you stimulating mental exercise as you learn and master new skills. Also, our karate classes offer you a vacation from the stresses and strains of workaday life – a time just for you, where you can set other concerns aside. You’ll also become part of an adult community with a shared interest and enthusiasm for the martial arts. If you’re a parent of one of our younger students, you’ll also be engaged in an experience that you can share with your children – leading by example as you deepen and extend your relationship as a family.

Our Adult Karate Fundamentals course is struct8ured so that you will establish a strong, solid foundation in 6 critical areas as you study karate: Physical, Cognitive, Self-Defense, Social, Character, and Self-Confidence. Our instructors are personally committed to you in every class session as you begin to explore your new identity as a martial artist. Your karate instruction will help you thrive as you begin to discover, grow, and develop your unique personal potential as a martial artist in all 6 critical areas.

Physical: Get back into shape, as you pursue an active, healthy lifestyle. Our karate classes will give you a moderate-intensity, rhythmic physical workout – strengthening and conditioning your entire body, and promoting your cardio-vascular fitness as well. As your strength, endurance, and flexibility grow, our karate classes give you a workout that grows and changes with you, giving you fresh challenges when you need them. This is just what doctors recommend as ideal for your long-term adult health and fitness. And you’ll have fun at the same time.

Cognitive: Keep yourself mentally active and vigorous. In our karate classes, you’ll be learning new skills, and achieving a new understanding of yourself and your abilities. Our karate classes stimulate you mentally with a strongly kinetic learning experience. We’ll also be learning about the history and customs of Korea specifically, and East Asia generally – an area of the world that is growing more important for all of us to understand.

Self-Defense: Develop “street-smart” self-defense skills. As an adult, your self-defense challenges are potentially very serious indeed – and we take them that way. In our Fundamentals course you’ll begin to build simple, functional, real-world self-defense skills. Practical, real-world self-defense begins with proper preparation – you’ll begin learning techniques of defensive awareness and threat recognition. Your best self-defense is to recognize and stay out of dangerous situations whenever possible. We’ll also work together on responding effectively to an attack: use whatever force you need to protect yourself, with the object of getting yourself out of harm’s way as undamaged as possible.

Character: Consider and discuss with other adults the important personal qualities that give our lives real value. We’ll use definitions, examples, and questions to fuel our careful consideration of personal character. We’ll consider topics such as Respect, Integrity, and Self-Discipline in an interactive discussion format. Should you also have children and teens in our school, we’ll be working on the same character topic in their classes as we are in yours. You’ll be better able to work with them on understanding and internalizing these qualities that make for strong personal character – to teach your children their value by your own positive example.

Social: Be part of a supportive social group. In our karate classes, you’ll be engaged with a community of adult martial artists – your fellow students, as well as your instructors – with a shared sense of commitment to personal development. As a part of this community, our experience and understanding will help you get started on the right foot in our karate classes, and sustain you as you begin to define and then pursue your martial arts goals. Many of us are parents as well – and we also share your strong, active engagement with the challenges of nurturing and raising our children.

Self-Confidence: Empower yourself with robust self-confidence. Your practice of the martial arts renews and strengthens your sense of self-worth and achievement. Long-term “life satisfaction” for a mature adult is bound up with your physical and mental health – your sense of ongoing accomplishment and fulfillment. Our karate classes give you an effective way to cultivate your ongoing personal development, re-affirm your sense of self-worth, and take increased satisfaction from your accomplishments.

Our Adult Fundamentals course provides you with a 9 month program of instruction in the basics of karate. During this course of study, you’ll have the opportunity to earn your first belt rank promotions in karate. Upon completion of this course, you’ll earn our Certificate of Merit. As you participate in this course of instruction, you may also be considered for admission into the Adult Division of our Honors Program in Martial Arts Studies.

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