Managing Your Tuition Account

We work in partnership with a professional tuition management firm, Member Solutions, to provide you with the most convenient, flexible and secure services available for you to pro-actively manage your tuition account. These services will allow you to take the initiative in managing your account when circumstances arise in which you need to make changes to the existing arrangements. You won’t need to wait until our school is open – you’ll be able to manage your account at your own convenience.

1. Automatic tuition payments. 

You’ll be able to set up your preferred payment method and date one time, and your tuition payment will be made automatically once a month according to your written instructions after that.

2. Choose your preferred payment method for your tuition. 

 You’ll be able to use a credit or debit card, or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from a bank account. You will also be able to change your payment method at need by contacting Member Solutions.

3. Choose your preferred payment date. 

You’ll be able to choose your preferred day of the month for making your tuition payment. You will also be able to change this date at need by contacting Member Solutions.

4. 24 Hour/7 Day access.

You’ll have on-line access to your tuition management account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have your own, individual, password-protected tuition management account. You’ll be able to conveniently check your account status, and make changes as needed – just follow the link to the Member Solutions website at the bottom of this page. You can also reach them by e-mail at

5. Toll-free phone access.

Should you have questions or concerns about managing your tuition account, you’ll also be able to contact Member Solutions directly by phone at (888) 277-4408. They have actual live humans available to assist you. You can contact them by phone Monday through Thursday 9:00am through 9:00pm, and on Fridays 10:00am through 6:00pm.

6. Membership Cancellation.

We use an “Open” membership structure for our students, which allows you to cancel your membership with us, and close down your tuition account at your discretion. All it takes is a written 30 Day Cancellation Notice to get this done. As this involves a financial matter, we will need your written authorization to put your Cancellation into effect. You can do this by completing a simple one-page form, and submitting it to our school. You can download this form by following this link: 30 Day Membership Cancellation Notice.

7. Highest level of data security. 

You’ll be protected by the highest level of data security available on your tuition payments. Member Solutions is certified as a level 1 PCI-compliant service provider. This means that Member Solutions uses the top level of PCI Data Security Standards when handling any matters related to your tuition payments. For more information on the PCI Security Standards Council, please follow this link:

8. Professionals to work with you on managing your tuition payments so that they fit with your life. 

Our partnership with Member Solutions means that you’ll have immediate access to experienced, committed professionals who will work with you in managing your tuition payments. They’re available to assist you at need with any questions you may have, changes you may need to make – and to help you work through any “late payment” situations that may arise. You won’t find yourself having to deal with financial matters during lesson times, and in front of other students or families. Your personal business will be kept your own, and completely confidential.

Please use the “Member Solutions” button below to get on-line access to your tuition account.

Contact Information:
Member Solutions
P.O. Box 297
Hatboro, PA 19040
Phone: (888) 277-4408