Posted On : October 16, 2022

What Are Physical and Verbal Bullying?

There are at present 4 generally recognized forms of bullying: physical, verbal, social and cyber.

Some are crude and overt — they’re easy for us to see and understand as bullying. Others are more subtle and harder to spot. But once we know what to look for, see can see them at work.

All these forms of bullying share one thing in common. They are acts of deliberate cruelty intended to inflict pain and suffering on the person targeted.

Let’s look at all 4 of these in more detail.

1)  Physical Bullying

In this form, the bully acts physically against their chosen target. The act can be direct — for example, the bully shoves or strikes the other person. However, the act can also be indirect, against someone’s personal possessions. Damaging or destroying their science fair project, for instance.

Physical bullying actions include:

2) Verbal Bullying

As responsible parents, we often urge our children to “use your words” to be polite and resolve interpersonal conflicts. This is a necessary part of their social and personal development.

The bully also uses their words — as carefully selected weapons against their chosen target. The bully says things to them calculated to embarrass, upset or humiliate the other person.

Verbal bullying includes:

Coming Next:  Social and Cyber Bullying

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