Posted On : September 15, 2022

National Bullying Prevention Month!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month in the United States.

This special month was first observed in our country in 2006. It is a public recognition of the serious, ongoing psychological and social harm caused by bullying.

As karate instructors, we’ve been working with this challenge for far longer.  You may remember from years gone by the original movie The Karate Kid.  This drew us all into the story of a bullied teenager seeking the psychological strength as well as the physical skill to resist his tormentors through studying and practicing karate.

While the movie is an entertaining drama, as good drama does it also captured much truth. As karate instructors, we frequently work with students who have been bullied. They see in the study and practice of karate a way of taking action to resist the harm being done to them.

As part of Bullying Prevention Month, over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a hard, serious look at the realities of bullying. If we are to help our children effectively resist this, we must have a solid working understanding of bullying.

Specifically, over the next few weeks we’ll be answering these important questions:

Coming next:  What exactly is Bullying?

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