Posted On : August 4, 2022

4 Ways to Make a Strong Start to Your School Year!

It can be challenging for your child to start a new school year. Several different factors contribute to this:

First and foremost, however, it is the result of kids abruptly changing over to a new schedule. Over the summer break, they’ve gotten used to staying up later — and sleeping in later — than during the school year. The abrupt change to a new daily routine can make children cranky.

Below you will find 4 simple steps parents & caregivers can take to make the return to school easier and less stressful for everyone:

1)  Re-establish a regular bedtime

A week or two before school starts, get your child back to their regular bedtime for the school year. Stick with it throughout the school year. Kids’ mood and behavior both improve with proper sleep.

2) Practice your morning routine

A week or so before school starts, begin practicing your morning routine. Have your child select and set out their clothes for the coming day. Allow them to prepare their lunch or snack as well. Provide your guidance on what is appropriate as necessary.

3) Visit the school beforehand

Most particularly for a child going to a new school, go for an on-site visit before the school year starts. Find your child’s classroom together, so they’re sure of the way. Many schools provide special orientation sessions for new students.

4) Sign up for extra-curricular activities

Help your child investigate extra-curricular activities. Encourage them to participate in one or two that catch their special interest. As well as being fun, “extra-curriculars” help strengthen your child’s motivation, ability to pay attention, and sense of belonging to the community. In all of these areas, Karate lessons are an especially good extra-curricular activity for your child.

Following these steps will help you and your family get your school year off to a strong start.

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