Posted On : November 1, 2022

What Are Social and Cyber Bullying?

3) Social Bullying

In this form, the bully socially isolates their chosen target.

This can be the hardest form of bullying to recognize at first. Social bullying often goes on in the shadows, behind the back of the chosen target. The harmful effects only gradually become clear.

Often using malicious gossip and spreading rumors, the bully disrupts their target’s social links with other members of the community. Ultimately, the bully socially undermines and marginalizes their chosen target. They become a shunned outsider.

Social bullying includes:

4) Cyber Bullying

While relatively new, this form of bullying is of growing concern. The rise and rapid evolution of social media along with the proliferation of communication devices offer many opportunities for cyber bullying. This form has similarities to both verbal and social bullying.

In cyber bullying, the bully inflicts harm using smart phones, tablets and computers. The bully also uses social media platforms, instant messaging, texts, emails and website posts.

This form of bullying can sometimes be private — directed only to the chosen target, and only visible to them. It can also be blatantly public, accessible to a large group.

Cyber bullying includes:

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