Posted On : June 12, 2023


Let’s look briefly at the 5th Tenet of Taekwondo:  Self-Control.

This is the personal strength we apply when we take command of our own behavior.  Self-Control is taking responsibility for what we do, the things we say, what we think and even how we feel.  We’re determined to take charge of all of these, shaping them toward positive, worthwhile ends.

Other words for this personal strength are: self-command, self-mastery, self-possession, self-government, self-discipline, and willpower.  

We seek to recognize, understand and develop Self-Control as our own personal strength in our lessons together.

Indomitable Spirit:

This is the personal strength we apply to be bold in our aspirations, and resolute and determined in achieving them.  Indomitable Spirit is the courage and confidence to set valuable, worthwhile long-term goals for ourselves.  We hold to our chosen course, meeting challenges, obstacles and setbacks with the “Can do!” spirit and steadfast determination to overcome them.

Other words for this personal strength are: stouthearted, purposeful, backbone, guts, grit, and resilience.  

Opposites for this personal strength are: powerless, spiritless, spineless, gutless, cowardly, fainthearted, aimless and apathetic.

Our Student Oath:  

I pledge to be a champion of freedom and justice.

I pledge to observe the Tenets of Taekwondo.

I pledge to respect my instructors and my fellow students.

I pledge never to misuse Taekwondo.

I pledge to build a more peaceful world.