Trust, week 2

During our lessons this week, we will talk about the importance of honesty in building Trust.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“Honesty is the best policy.” — Benjamin Franklin (author, publisher, scientist, diplomat, statesman)

Honesty:  When we speak the truth, and act truthfully.

Being honest with other people, and with yourself, is an important part of being trustworthy.  We should be truthful whenever we can.  Imagine a friend lets us borrow a new game to play, and we accidentally put it through the washing machine.  We could tell them we had lost it, or try to buy a new one and replace it without saying anything — but neither of these would be honest.  We should tell our friend what really happened — we should deal with them in good faith.  Anything less will break down their trust in us.  When we make a mistake, it is best for us to admit it, and take responsibility for it.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Would you trust someone who doesn’t tell you the truth?
  2.  Have you ever been scared to admit that you’ve done something wrong?
  3. Do you think it is simpler to tell people the truth?

Please share your answers to these questions, and your thoughts about Trust, with our school community by using the form below.

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