Trust, final week

We’ll be wrapping up our discussion of Trust during our lessons this week by talking about the importance of being open and honest with other people.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“There are no secrets that time doesn’t reveal.” — Jean Racine (playwright and poet)

Trust:  Being open, sharing and credible can help maintain trust in relationships.

Being “open” with others is a large part of how we earn and keep other people’s trust.  It means that we willingly volunteer all relevant information.  If we ask someone to be our partner so that we can practice a one step, but we don’t tell them it has a takedown at the end — we’ve left out something important.  We build trust with other people by answering their questions completely, without leaving out important things they need to know.  If we make a mistake about something, like not remembering to tell someone about the takedown at the end of that one step, we should admit to it.  These are ways to be “open” with other people, and earning their trust.

Discussion Questions:

  1.  Do you trust others who are open to you?
  2.  Is being honest and credible — Integrity — important in karate (think about doing one steps with a partner)?
  3.  Should you tell your partner when you’re practicing a one step with them that has a takedown in it, even if you’re pretty sure they already know?

Please share your answers to these questions, and your thoughts about Trust, with our school community by using the form below.

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