The Art of Learning, Week 3

We’ll be discussing the importance of perseverance in The Art of Learning during our lessons this week.   Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“There is no such thing as “advanced” technique.  A Black Belt is someone who has polished their skill with the basics.”  Jhoon Rhee

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we talked about how we learn to walk?  It is important to remember we need to practice and to make mistakes, even to fail sometimes, to learn something really well.  Mistakes teach us what doesn’t work.  If we want to become skilled at something, we have to keep at it when we make mistakes, and try it again.  Michael Jordan is a good example — many people think he was one of the greatest basketball players ever.  As skilled as he was, he would always be the first one at practice, and the last to leave.  This is the art of the real learner.  If you want to excel at karate, and at other things as well, it takes committed practice even when you are already good.

Discussion Questions:

1)  What is your favorite karate technique?

2)  How can you best practice outside of karate class?

3)  Should you keep trying when you make a mistake?  Is it OK to ask for help?

Please share your answers to these questions, and your thoughts about the importance of perseverance in The Art of Learning, by using the form below.

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