Stamina, Week 4

We will be concluding our discussion of Stamina during our lessons this week.  We’ll be talking together about how Stamina helps us achieve both short-term and long-term goals.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.” — Liane Cardes (author)

Setting goals is an important part of success.  If you start something, like martial arts training, it is important to know what your big goals are.  Do you want to be a Black Belt?  An Instructor?  To have a school of your own?  Keeping your goals in mind will help you focus on the smaller things you need to do to bring yourself closer to them each day.  Both your ultimate goal, and the smaller steps that get you there, are important.  If you were a hurdler, you would have to focus on two things:  the hurdle immediately in front of you, and the finish line at the end of the race.  Lose sight of either once, and it could cause big problems.  It’s the same with the goals you set for yourself.  Keep your big goal in sight, while you tackle the smaller ones between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Discussion Questions:

1)  What are some of the bigger goals you are working toward?

2)  What are some of the smaller tasks you will need to complete to achieve that goal?

3)  How do you think it will feel when you finally achieve your big goal?

Please share your answers to these questions, and your thoughts about Stamina, with our school community by using the form below.

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