Self-Control, week 5

Photos clockwise from top left: Ike as Supreme Commander in Europe; Ike as 34th President;  Ike’s final home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:  Ike’s childhood home in Abilene, Kansas.

During our lessons this week, we will sum up some of the ways Ike learned to use Self-Control that we have talked about during the past few weeks.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

Over our last few lessons, we have been talking together about how Ike developed the character strength of Self-Control.  When Ike punched the apple tree, he was unable to control his anger — his anger controlled him, and all he did was hurt his hands.  When Ike “crawled” the Plebe, he thought about what he had done, decided he had behaved badly, and resolved never to “crawl” a Plebe again.  When Colonel Shaw told Ike that he wouldn’t approve him to be an army officer, he used his self-control to respond to this constructively — he decided to make a fresh start in Argentina as a Gaucho.  When General Farnsworth dismissed his ideas about how important tanks would be in the future, Ike used his self-control to answer politely and respectfully — even though he was sure he was actually right about tanks.

Discussion Questions:

  1.  When Ike punched the apple tree, he had been told “no”.  He was frustrated and angry.  Have you ever felt that way over being told “no” to something you really wanted badly?
  2.   When Ike “crawled” the Plebe, he was doing what the other Yearlings at West Point were doing.  He stopped because he felt he was doing something wrong.  Have you ever been asked to go along with something you felt was wrong, and had to say “no”?
  3. Ike had grown up in Abilene, Kansas — which had started as a wild west cow-town on the old Chisholm Trail.  Farming and cattle ranching were still very important there.  Do you think Ike really meant it when he told Colonel Shaw he would make a fresh start in Argentina as a Gaucho?

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