Personality, week 1

Our in-class discussion topic for the month of September will be Personality.  During our lessons this week, we will talk together about some of the basic meanings of Personality.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“When people see your personality come out, they feel so good, like they actually know who you are.”  — Usain Bolt (Olympic athlete)

The dictionary definition of personality has 3 related meanings:

  1.  The set of emotional qualities, ways of behaving, etc., that makes a person different from other people.
  2. The attractive qualities (such as energy, friendliness, and humor) that make a person interesting or pleasant to be with.
  3. The attractive qualities that make something unusual or interesting (a car can have personality, for example).

We all have our own individual personalities, that grow and develop with us.  The people we are closest to — our families and our friends — come to know our personality both through the things we say, and the things we do.  This is part of how meaningful friendships and relationships are created.

Discussion Questions:

  1.  What kinds of qualities make up someone’s personality?
  2.   Who do you know who has a pleasant personality?  What is it about them that makes you feel this way?
  3.   What is an object you think has personality?

Please share your answers to these questions, and your thoughts about Personality, with our school community by using the form below.

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