Peer Pressure, Week 3

We will be talking about taking responsibility for our actions as part of our discussion of Peer Pressure during our lessons this week.  Our in-class discussion lesson follows below:

“Peer Pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behavior, and they are classic excuses.” Andrew Lansley (Member of the House of Commons)

Have you ever done something wrong, and blamed it on another person by saying that “they made you do it”?  Just because someone else  does something — like smoking — doesn’t mean that you have to do it, if you feel it isn’t the right thing to do.  You have a choice, and if you feel that something is wrong, just don’t do it — walk away if you have to.  You have to take responsibility for your choices.  If you do something wrong because of peer pressure, using the excuse “they made me do it” doesn’t make it right.

Discussion Questions:

1)  Is trying to force one of your friends to do something you want them to do a form of peer pressure?

2)  Have you ever done something because you felt one of your friends “made you do it”?

3)  What would you say to one of your peers who tried to pressure you into doing something you felt was wrong?

Please share your answers, and your thoughts about Peer Pressure, with the rest of our school community by using the form below.


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