Parent Letter and Skill Sheet for July 2017: Dedication

Our in-class discussion topic for July 2017 will be Dedication.  This month’s Parent Letter will give you further information about our topic, so that you can follow along with our in-class lessons.  The Kid Kick Skill Sheet will provide you with some helpful ideas for putting our discussion topic into action outside of our lessons together.

Weekly guides to our in-class discussion lessons will be posted here on our website, and will also come to you by email to keep you current with what we are talking about during that week.  This way, when you talk about Dedication with your family at home, we will all be speaking about this in the same terms.

Please follow the links below to download .pdfs of your Parent Letter and Kid Kick Skill Sheet:

Parent Letter:  Parent Letter July 2017

Kid Kick Skill Sheet:  Kid Kick July 2017

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