What Resources Would You Find Valuable?

Updating you on our progress in meeting some of the challenges we are facing at present.  We would also like to ask you for a few minutes of your time to provide your input.

  1.  We are shooting test video during this weekend — we’re checking for adequate lighting, adequate sound quality, and which camera angles will give us the best results.
  2. We will continue to explore services such as Teachable and Zoom, to see what video formats, file sizes and lengths they can accommodate — and ultimately which will be the best fit for our current needs.  There are also some smaller firms that specialize in working with martial arts schools that we are investigating.
  3. To help us move forward in the next few days, we would like your input on what resources you would find the most valuable.  You’ll find links to a short questionnaire below, both as MS Word and .pdf documents.  If you would, please take a few minutes of your time to download this, complete it, and return it by email to our school:  booker@broadwayfamilykarate.com

Resources Questionnaire MS Word:  What Resources Would You Find Most Valuable?  (MS Word)

Resources Questionnaire .pdf:  What Resources Would You Find Most Valuable?  (.pdf)

Please complete this and return it to us by Monday, March 23.  Your input will be of great assistance to our school community moving forward.