Summer Term 2016 Home Study DVD Available For Pre-Order

The Summer Term 2016 Home Study Video — a DVD of your pattern and one steps for this term — is now available for Pre-Order.  The DVD has videos of the Fundamentals pattern (Self-Defense Kata #2), and the one steps taken from it, the Honors Intermediate (Sr. Yellow-Blue Belts) pattern Do-San, and the one steps taken from it, and the Honors Advanced (Sr. Blue-Sr. Red Belts) pattern Hwarang, and the one steps taken from it.

This DVD will allow you to practice more effectively on your own at home, to supplement the work we do together in our lessons.  I strongly recommend this DVD for all our Fundamentals and Honors students.

The Pre-Order price of the DVD is $10.  Please place your order here at the school — we have an order sheet available here.  Please make your check payable to Samurai Dragons (the organization that has made this DVD for our school).

Order Deadline:  Thursday, June 23.

Please follow this link to download your information flyer:  Home_Study_DVD_Flyer_Summer_Term_2016