Spring Break Early Achievement Stripe Tests: Friday & Sunday, March 10 & 12.

I was getting in touch today regarding the upcoming Spring Break.  Several of our students have informed me that they will be out of town over the break, and will be unable to participate in the tests for their 1st Achievement Stripe during this week.

In these unusual circumstances, we will allow students who will be away next week to test early for their 1st Achievement Stripes.  We will conduct these stripe tests during our regular lesson times this coming Friday and Sunday, March 10 & 12.

Fundamentals and Honors students will still need a minimum of 6 Class Credits to be eligible to test for their Achievement Stripe.  Tigers students do not have a minimum Class Credit requirement for this.

Please contact our school by phone or email at your earliest convenience if you need to test early at these sessions, so that we can arrange this for you.