Special Weapons Training Workshops: Saturday, September 23

We have been invited to participate in a set of special weapons training workshops on Saturday, September 23.  These workshops will be at the Knoxville Martial Arts Center, 7544 Oak Ridge Highway, Knoxville, TN 37931 — in the Karns area.

There will be separate sets of workshops for Adult students (ages 18 and older), and Junior students (ages 17 and younger).

These special workshops will focus on an assortment of “stick” weapons — Bo, Jo, Escrima, and Yawara.  I think these workshops will be best suited to our Pre-Teen, Teen & Adult students (ages 9 and older), at both the Fundamentals and Honors levels.

These workshops will be split into separate introductory sessions for those who have not worked with these weapons before, and more advanced instruction for students with previous experience with one or more of these weapons.  For example, if you’ve worked with the Bo, but not with Escrima sticks, you would be in the advanced Bo and introductory Escrima workshops.

Junior workshops will begin at 12:15pm;  Adult workshops will begin at 1:30pm.  Students under ages 18 will be allowed to attend the Adult workshops on a “case by case” basis, depending on what will be the best fit for you.

Registration Deadline:  Thursday, September 21, by 6:30pm.  Please bring your completed registration to our school — we’ll take care of sending it on to the workshop organizers.  Unregistered students will not be allowed to participate.

Please follow this link to download your information flyer, including your registration form:  Special Weapons Training Workshops Saturday, September 23.

Participation will count for 3 Class Credits.