Special Training Workshops at UT — Saturday, April 9

Our school has been invited to participate in a special set of martial arts training workshops which will be held at the University of Tennessee on Saturday, April 9.  These workshops will take place at the HPER building, room 202C, on the UT campus.

There will be separate sets of workshops for Adult students (ages 18 and older), and Junior students (ages 17 and younger).

The 3 workshops for Junior students look particularly promising.  There will be an Introduction to Throws, an Introduction to Aikido (a circular martial art using joint locks and control techniques), and an Introduction to Samurai Sword.  I think these workshops will be best suited to our Pre-Teen and Teen students (ages 9-17), at both the Fundamentals and the Honors levels.

You can find further information about these workshops by following this link:  SRB_HOF_Flyer_032216

To download the registration form, please follow this link:  2016_SRB_HoF_Registration

On-site registration will open at 8:30am, and the workshops will begin at 9:00am.  Parking will be available only in metered spaces on the street.  The meters themselves don’t have to be paid on Saturdays.