Special Patterns Workshops: Sunday, October 21

We will be having a special set of Patterns Workshops this Sunday, October 21.  We’ll work together on your pattern, applying the 3 principle merits — Good Technique, Power, and Focus — that mark out a strong pattern performance.

Workshops will meet on the following schedule:

Pre-Teen & Teen & Adult Honors Students (ages 9+) will be at 1:00pm;  Junior Honors students (ages 6-8) will be at 1:45pm;  Black Belt Honors students (all ages) will be at 2:30pm;  Junior Fundamentals students (ages 6-8) will be at 3:15pm;  Pre-Teen & Teen & Adult Fundamentals students (ages 9+) will be at 4:00pm.

Please note:  because of these special workshops, we will be off of our usual lesson schedule on Sunday.  Please check your workshop time carefully — it will be different than usual.  We will not be having a Tigers lesson (ages 4 & 5) on this day.

We will also conduct “make up” tests for achievement stripes at the end of each workshop, if needed.

Please follow this link to download your information flyer:  Autumn Term 2018 Patterns Workshop

You do not have to register in advance to participate.  Participation will count for 2 Class Credits.