School Policy Advisory: Wearing Your Uniform for Lessons

We have had some questions recently regarding exactly what our students should be wearing for our lessons together.  To avoid this becoming a cause of contention between parent and child when getting ready to come to class, we’ve prepared a School Policy Advisory for your guidance.

Please follow this link to download your policy advisory:  Uniform Policy Advisory July 2019

Please let us know if you need us to order you a new uniform.  We have order forms available at the school, or you can download it by following this link:  Uniform Order July 2019

Please follow this link for your uniform sizing guide:  Size Chart for Uniforms

Please let us know if you have any questions about what is appropriate uniform for your lessons, or about sizing or ordering.

We do have black BFK “Top Knox” school t-shirts available for order by all students, should you need one to wear during lessons.