Promotion Exams for Winter Term 2016-17

Promotion Exams for the Winter Term are coming up this week, February 6-10 (Monday through Friday).  Promotion Exams are the tests where our students demonstrate the martial arts skills they have learned during this term, and will earn their advancement to their next belt rank.

The Promotion Exams will take place during normal lesson times throughout this week.  Fundamentals and Honors students should plan to attend one “A” lesson and one “B” lesson to complete your Promotion Exam.  Tigers students should plan to attend one lesson to complete your Exam.  Friday will be our day to make up one of these days, if you have had to miss one during the week.  There will be no lessons on Sunday, February 12.

Please register at our school if you plan to participate in the Promotion Exams.  Please follow this link to download your information flyer:  February_2017_Exam_Flyer