Patterns Workshops Sunday April 6

We will be having our Spring Term Patterns Workshops this Sunday, April 6.  These workshops will be for both Fundamentals and Honors Students.  We’ll look at your patterns as a whole, as well as working with performance and application of selected techniques — things that are new for you, or that you may find particularly challenging.  All participating students will receive 2 Class Credits.  The workshops will take place as follows:

1:00pm:  Fundamentals Students — Self-Defense Kata #2

1:45pm:  Intermediate Honors Students (Sr. Yellow-Blue) — Do-San Hyung

2:30pm:  Advanced Honors Students (Sr. Blue-Sr. Red) — Choong-Moo Hyung

3:15pm:  Black Belt Honors Students (all ranks) — Po-Eun Hyung