New Students & Families Orientation Meeting Tuesday, January 31.

MAIA Orientation Flyer January 31, 2017

We will be having a special Orientation Meeting for new students and their families on Tuesday, January 31, at 7:30pm.  This meeting will take place at the Panera on Broadway in Fountain City, and not at our school.

Open to all new students and families — and especially recommended for Parents.  We will go over the details of the Fundamentals and Tigers Programs, including earning achievement stripes and belt rank advancement.  You’ll also be able to ask any questions that you may have.  We’ll also discuss the basics of how the Honors Program works, and how students qualify for membership.

I encourage all our new students, parents & families to come if at all possible.  Attendance will count for 2 Class Credits.  Please register at the school or contact us by email if you plan to attend.

Please follow this link to download your information flyer:  MAIA Orientation Flyer January 31, 2017