Lessons Meet Today, Wednesday, February 25.

Lessons will meet on a slightly modified version of our regular schedule today, Wednesday, February 25.

We are currently (10:30am) under a Winter Weather Advisory, beginning at 4:00pm today, running through 7:00am tomorrow.  The currently hourly forecast doesn’t indicate a significant chance of precipitation (75%) until 8:00pm this evening.

In consequence, Junior and Pre-Teen Fundamentals and Honors lessons, and Tigers lessons, will meet on our usual schedule today.  That means lessons as normal for all students ages 12 and under.

Teen & Adult Fundamentals and Honors lessons (students age 13 and older) will meet at 7:30pm for a single 45 minute lesson.  We will finish no later than 8:15pm.  Should weather conditions deteriorate sooner than forecast, we will suspend this particular lesson as necessary and send people home.

See you in class!