Graduation Saturday 8/16/2014

Just a reminder that our Graduation Ceremony for the Summer Term 2014 will take place today, Saturday, August 16.

The Graduation Ceremony is for all students who have earned advancement to their next rank during the Promotion Exams this week.  Please wear your uniform for this, and Honors students should bring their sparring gear and padded weapons.

At Graduation, you will perform a brief demonstration of some of the things you learned to earn your new rank, and then you will be formally presented with your new belt and rank certificate.  Please invite your family and friends to come see you at Graduation — there will be plenty of seating, and plenty of parking space as well.

Graduation will begin at 10:00am for our Tigers students (ages 4 & 5) and for our Juniors students (ages 6-8), and 12:00 Noon for our Pre-Teen, Teen & Adult students (ages 9+).

Graduation will take place at First Lutheran School, 1207 North Broadway, Knoxville, TN  37917.

See you there!