Demonstration, Saturday August 9

We have been invited to put on a Martial Arts Demonstration this Saturday, August 9, at Knoxville Center Mall (aka EastTowne).

Honors students, Fundamentals Students, and Tigers students are all welcome to participate in this Demonstration.  We will be demonstrating some of the new skills we have been working on during the Summer Term — defense against the Bear Hug attack, the Texas 2-Gun, Patterns, One Steps, and some Board Breaks.  We’ll be sticking to skills we’ve been practicing together recently, and that everyone is very familiar with.  We’re going to keep this short, simple, and fun.

We will have a special Planning & Preparation Meeting on Saturday morning at 9:30 to decide on what you would like to do as part of the Demonstration, and who you will be working with.  You must attend the Planning & Preparation Meeting to take part in the Demonstration.  We will then meet over at Knoxville Center Mall at 11:00am for the Demonstration itself.  Our Demonstration will be part of the Back-To-School Carnival at City On The Hill Church at the mall — there will be lots of family-friendly activities there on that day.   Participation in the demonstration will count for 2 Class Credits.  Please register at the school if you plan to participate.

Because of the Demonstration, regular lessons will not meet this Saturday, August 9.  The Open Floor Review at 2:00pm for Honors Black Belts, and the Honors Black Belt Promotion Exam at 3:00pm, will both meet as scheduled.