Defense Against the Dark Arts: Adult Personal Defense Workshop Series

We will have a series of special Defense Against the Dark Arts adult personal defense workshops this Summer.

During this nine-workshop series, we will be working on establishing a solid foundation of personal defense basics for adults.  This series will be structured for beginners ages 18 and older — no previous experience needed.

We will be learning and practicing a set of simple, flexible personal defense skills from both standing and ground positions.  The skills you learn will be adaptable to a range of personal defense situations, from enforcing personal boundaries with the ill-mannered to defending against an attacker with the fixed intent of inflicting serious harm.

We will start out with simple empty-hand skills.  As we progress, we will integrate two simple, easily carried personal defense tools into our work, building on our empty-hand skills.  We will also be working together on the mental components of personal defense — mindset, situational awareness and threat avoidance.

Individual sessions will last approximately 1 hour.  We’ll continually review and practice skills as we go, so that if you have to miss a session or two over the summer, we can get you back up to speed and you won’t get left behind.

Workshops will meet at 7:00pm on Friday evenings from June 7 through August 16.  We will not meet on Friday, July 5.

Defense Against the Dark Arts is for adults ages 18 and older.  Minors under age 18 will be considered for participation on a case-by-case basis if they will be college bound this Fall, and only with written parental permission.

Registration Deadline:  Thursday, June 6

Participation Fee:  $120

Please follow this link for your Adult registration form:  Defense Against the Dark Arts Registration Form Adult

Please follow this link for your Minor registration form:  Defense Against the Dark Arts Registration Form Minor

Please contact our school if you have any questions.  Enrollment is limited, so please contact us by phone or email at your earliest convenience to reserve your space.