Crossroads Karate Games Tournament, Saturday, February 27

The Crossroads Karate Games Tournament is coming up this Saturday, February 27.  This tournament will give you the opportunity to see competition in sparring, patterns, and weapons kata.

If you are curious about what goes on at an actual tournament, and are wondering if competition is something you might be interested in doing at some point, this is going to be a good opportunity for you to see for yourself.

The tournament will take place at Halls High School in Hall Crossroads, TN.  Competition will begin at 10:00am, and will continue until early afternoon.  Spectators are welcome to attend.

There is a spectator fee of $5.  This tournament is, in part, a fundraiser for the Halls High School Art Department.

Please follow this link for your information flyer:  Crossroads Karate Games 2016.

If you have time this Saturday, please consider dropping in at the Crossroads Karate Games and watching some of the competition.  Attendance at this event as a spectator will count for 2 Class Credits.