“Catch Up” Week: Tuesday through Sunday, 6/1-6/6

This is our “Catch Up” week — Tuesday through Sunday, June 1-6.

We’ll have special private lessons available by appointment during this week.  These will help you get caught up if you have had to miss a few lessons during the past few weeks.

During this week, we will be conducting:

  • Private Make Up tests for your 1st Achievement Stripe.
  • Private skill coaching & “Catch Up” lessons.
  • Introductory Lessons & Family Conferences.

Please contact our Senior Instructor, Mr. Booker, at your earliest convenience to schedule appointments for these as needed.

We will also have a Black Belt Community Service Project taking place during this week:

Regular lessons will not meet during this week.  We will resume our regular lessons on Monday, June 7.

Please follow this link to access your information flyer:

June 2021 Catch-Up Week Information