Adult Self-Defense Workshop Series

We will be offering an Adult Self-Defense Workshop Series on Saturday afternoons during the next few weeks.

During this workshop series, we will be working on establishing a solid foundation in self-defense basics for adults.  This course will be structured for beginners — no previous experience needed.  We will be learning and practicing a set of simple, flexible self-defense skills from both standing and ground positions.  The skills you learn will be adaptable to a range of self-defense situations, from enforcing personal boundaries with the ill-mannered or clueless  to defending against an attacker with the fixed intention of inflicting serious harm.  We will also be working together on the mental components of self-defense — mindset, situational awareness, and threat avoidance.  Sessions will last approximately 1 hour.

Workshops will meet at 3:00pm on January 13, 20, 27, and February 3.

This workshop is for adults ages 18 and older.  Adolescent women under age 18 will be considered for participation on a case-by-case basis, and only with written parental permission.

Registration Deadline:  Thursday, January 11

Participation Fee:  $40

Please follow this link to download your information flyer:  Adult Self-Defense Series Info Flyer January 2018

Please follow this link to download your Adult registration form:  Self-Defense Series Registration ADULT.

Please follow this link to download your Minor registration form:  Self-Defense Series Registration MINOR.

Please contact our school directly if you have any questions.