Posted On : June 19, 2023

How Martial Arts Builds Our Personal Discipline

It is easy to see how studying and practicing the martial arts develops our physical skills – both empty-hand and with traditional tools such as the Long Staff (Bo) or the Samurai Sword (Katana). 

Rigorous physical training also enhances our overall physical fitness – our strength, flexibility, and endurance.  These are the strengths of our body.

Just as importantly, martial arts practice also develops our strengths of mind and will. Our strengths of body, mind and will are linked together and support each other.

Our personal discipline forms the foundation on which we build all these strengths.  It is part of the fundamental structure of our lessons together.  

Martial Arts Builds Our Personal Discipline

The customs, traditions and formal etiquette of our martial arts training guide us in developing our personal discipline.  Let’s look at some of the specifics of how this works:

  1. We prepare properly before our lessons.  We arrive at the dojo a few minutes early, so that we have time to settle in and be ready for the start of class.  We wear a clean, neat martial arts uniform and rank belt.  We are fresh, neat and clean personally as well.  We are ready to participate fully in our lesson and to learn.
  1. We are fully present and engaged during our lessons.  We formally bow in to begin our lessons together.  We treat our instructors and fellow students with courtesy and respect – shown by our use of the traditional bow.  We practice self-control in what we say and what we do.  We make the effort to focus our attention during our lesson – we watch closely and listen carefully.   We make our best effort with every skill we work with.
  1. We apply our martial arts training outside of the dojo.  We set aside time outside of class to practice our skills, reviewing them mentally and physically.  We treat others with courtesy and respect.  We exercise self-control in our words and our actions.  We assert ourselves firmly with others when appropriate, but we avoid being provoked into a needless quarrel or fight. We use our martial arts skills only to defend ourselves or others when we must.  

As we train together in the dojo, we’re learning to link our intentions with our actions to achieve our goals.  This is the essence of personal discipline.

This takes us time, effort and above all dedication to develop.  Our personal discipline is fueled by our commitment to learn and grow as martial artists.  Developing firm, abiding personal discipline is a central long-term focus of our training together.

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