Generosity, week 2

During our lessons this week, we will talk about how we can show Generosity to others by giving our time and our talents.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching out and helping lift other people up.” — John Holmes

Generosity:  giving back to others through our time, talents and treasures helps create a generous heart.

We can show generosity to others in many different ways.  We can give our time and our talents, as well as our treasure.  We can act generously by giving our time to help others.  We can help a local food drive to collect food, participate in Habitat for Humanity and help to build a house, or help clean up trash at a local park.  We can also share our skills with Courtesy and Respect, which we learn and practice together in our karate lessons.  We can speak kindly to other people, and do our best to treat them with respect.  When we give someone a kind word when they are having a hard time, we give them something they really need — we are treating them with generosity.

Discussion Questions:

  1.  What is a way in which you think you could give your time to help others?
  2.  What is a way you think you could treat someone else with respect outside of karate class?
  3.  What is something kind you could say to another person who is going through a hard time?

Please share your answers to these questions, and your thoughts about Generosity, with our school community by using the form below.

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