Excellence, week 4

We will be wrapping up our consideration of Excellence this week.  We will be talking together in our lessons about the importance of going the extra mile to pursue Excellence.  Our in-class discussion lesson follows below:

“Excellence is doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well.” — John W. Gardner (U.S. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, U.S. Marine)

We have all heard sayings like “go the extra mile”.  This describes someone who pursues excellence, someone who does more than just enough to get by.  When we pursue excellence, we do more than just finish the job or our chores — we look for other ways to be helpful and considerate of others.  We complete our tasks with a good attitude — not complaining or whining — doing what needs to be done, and doing it well.  When we pursue excellence, we do the very best we can before we’re willing to say the job is really done.

Discussion Questions:

1)  What is something you can do this week to pursue excellence?

2)  What is something you have done where you have “gone the extra mile” to make sure you did it as well as possible?

3)  How do you feel when you know you did an excellent job?

Please share your answers to these questions, and your thoughts about Excellence, with our school community by using the form below.

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