Covid-19 Safety Advisory

We will continue to monitor federal and local guidelines as it pertains to COVID and will update our page with any changes.

Updated:  March 16, 2022

For Students & Family Members: Continuing On-Site, In-Person Lessons

For our Spring Term, we will be making some changes to our Covid-19 safety protocols.  These changes are in line with current CDC safety guidelines.

We’re conducting on-site, in-person lessons as follows:

  1. Checking temperatures.  Before allowing anyone to join a lesson we’ll use a non-contact thermometer to check temperatures.  We’ll be screening family members as well as students.  Especially with warmer weather arriving in the next few weeks, we’ll check your temperature again after a few minutes indoors if you seem unusually warm. The “cutoff” temperature is 100.4 degrees F.
  2.  Masks or other appropriate face coverings are now optional in all lessons.  Students and family members may discontinue wearing masks at your option.  If we have one or more students choosing to mask during a lesson, your instructor will wear a mask as well.  You will not be the only person in your lesson wearing a mask.
  3. Please discuss your choice on masking with your children before we start our Spring Term.  Our younger students can be unsettled and even upset by sudden and unannounced changes in established routines.  By all means talk to your child about whether or not they want to wear a mask in their lessons.  Some may be ready to discard them immediately.  Others may feel safer continuing to mask, at least for a time.  Whatever your choice, be assured that your choice will be respected.

Another point that several members of our school community have asked about:

  • Video Tutorials:  We will continue to make online video tutorials available on your karate skills to help you practice at home.  These reference videos will take you through all your skills for your 1st & 2nd Achievement Stripes.  These are also the skills you will need to know and demonstrate for your Promotion Exam.  The Video Tutorials will also be helpful to you if you’re having to Quarantine or Isolate at home for a few days.

Finally, we will continue to watch for changes and updates to the current CDC guidelines.  We’ll also carefully monitor the State of Tennessee, Knox County, and City of Knoxville governments as they announce public policies and procedures regarding Covid-19 safety.

Please follow the link below to download your Spring Term advisory:

Covid-19 Safety Advisory — Spring Term 2022