Covid-19 Safety Advisory

Updated:  May 5, 2021

For Students & Family Members: Continuing On-Site, In-Person Lessons

Under Knox County Health Department & CDC Operating Guidelines

We are continuing in-person lessons with the beginning of our Summer Term on Monday, April 27.  

As directed by Governor Lee under Executive Order #80, following guidance from the Knox County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control, we’ll be conducting on-site, in-person lessons as follows:

  1. Checking temperatures and asking screening questions.  Before allowing anyone to join a lesson we’ll be doing both of these.  We’ll be screening family members as well as students.
  2. Students, family members and instructors will wear masks or other appropriate face coverings.  We are protecting each other by doing this, as well as protecting ourselves.  At this time and under these circumstances, working together masked is a necessary personal discipline.
  3. “No Contact”.  In line with personal distancing requirements, students will not be holding targets, shields or other training tools for each other.  Our students will need an adult member of their immediate family to attend lessons with them as their training partner, so that we are limiting contact appropriately.  The adult training partner will be holding training tools and providing other simple assistance with the guidance of the lead instructor. 
  4. We won’t be sharing training equipment, such as targets and shields.  Students will bring their own individual, dedicated equipment to lessons with them, and take them home again afterwards.  Having these available will also allow you to practice your karate skills together at home.  We’ll use the following training tools:
    • Karate Tigers & Fundamentals Students:  please bring a Blocker (“Caveman Club”) to your lessons.  The supply of these continues to be limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need us to order one for you. 
    • Honors & Black Belts Students:  please bring your Arm Shield and your Padded Long Sword to your lessons.  For your “B” lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays, please bring your Bo (long staff) as well.
  5. We will maintain appropriate physical distancing.  We have training spaces marked out on the floor for our students, and we have dispersed seating available for family members.  Because of the space restrictions specified in the Tennessee Promise guidelines, we will limit lessons to no more than 1 instructor and 6 students.  Students should have just their adult training partner with them during their lesson.  We have plenty of seating available at need in the courtyard immediately outside our school for other family members.

A couple of other general points that several members of our school community have asked about:

  • Video Tutorials:  We will continue to make online video tutorials available on your karate skills for this term to help you practice at home.  These reference videos will take you through all your skills in depth. We will have a set of these available for your 1st Achievement Stripe skills, and for your 2nd.
  • Student Quarantine or Isolation:  In the event that you’re temporarily unable to attend lessons because you’re either in quarantine or isolation, you can continue your lessons through distance learning.  Please contact the senior instructor, Mr. Booker, to make the necessary arrangements.  We’ll use the online video tutorials to help structure your distance learning.  You can submit your work from home by video for class credit.  We will also have special “Catch-Up” weeks scheduled at regular intervals during this Term to help you get back up to speed with your lessons if you have had to be home.  Quarantine is used for someone who may have been exposed to COVID-19, as a precaution until their test results are known.  Isolation is used for someone who has tested positive for infection with the virus.  Should you need to stay home in either situation, we’ll get you the instructional support you need.

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