Courtesy, Part Two

Good Afternoon,

Our in-class discussion topic for the week of March 10 will continue to be Courtesy. We will be discussing Courtesy in our lessons during the month of March. Our in-class discussion lesson this week will consider treating other people with Courtesy. Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“Every human is entitled to courtesy and consideration.” — Margaret Chase Smith (U.S. Senator from Maine)

As Senator Smith said, every human deserves to be treated with courtesy. Courtesy and respect are both important in the martial arts. When we treat other people with courtesy, we are also showing that we respect them — we’re taking some extra time, and making an extra effort to treat them with consideration. We’re also showing others by our example how we expect them to treat us — with courtesy and respect.

Discussion Questions:

1) How can you treat your teachers at school with courtesy?

2) How can you treat your family members and friends with courtesy?

3) How can you treat a new student in your class with courtesy?

Please use the supplementary material in the March 2014 Parent Letter, as well as the March Kid Kick and Fastbreaks newsletter to help you discuss Courtesy with your family at home.

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