Competition, Week 4

Our in-class discussion of Competition this week, we will consider how we react to both winning and losing.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“It is not your opponent, but your weaknesses that hurts you most” — Apoorve Dubey (author)

It is important to know how we react to winning and losing.  We will not always win, and we will not always lose — but how we feel about either one makes all the difference in the world to how we think.  If we compete against someone else, we have probably worked hard on gaining the skill to be the best, and believe that we can win.  But if our opponent is the person who is more skilled, and they win, we need to react in a respectful manner.  If we get angry, frustrated, and have a meltdown, we are hurting ourselves more than that loss.  If you had won, you would want the other competitors to treat you in a courteous, respectful manner.  When you do win, it is okay to feel good — know that you earned it from practice and hard work, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Discussion Questions:

1)  If you lost in a competition, would you quit or try again?

2)  How would you celebrate if you were the winner?

3)  What would you say to someone else if they won instead of you?  How would you try to treat them?

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