Competition, week 2

We will continue to discuss the topic of Competition together during our lessons this week.  We will talk about how Competition can motivate us to improve during our discussions this week.  Our in-class discussion lesson for this week follows below:

“With competition, everyone has to try harder.” — Harold H. Greene (Attorney and Judge)

If you want to compete with another person, then you have to do everything in your power to be better.  In martial arts, you can have fun with competition, and see how well you do against your peers in a tournament.  Competition can be a good thing, since it can motivate us to work harder and do our best if we want to be the winner.  If you are in a spelling bee at school, or in a debate, competition is going on between you and the other contestants.  Everyone wants to win, but there can be only one team or person who actually does win.  This can motivate us to do the very best we can.

Discussion Questions:

1)  What does competition mean to you?

2)  Do you like to compete with others?

3)  Which is more important to you — doing your best, or winning?

Please share your answers, and your thoughts about Competition, with our school community by using the form below.


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