COVID-19: Student Safety Guidelines

Video Advisory:  COVID-19 Student Safety Guidelines

We are continuing in-person lessons with the beginning of our Autumn Term on Monday, September 14.  Our Autumn Term will run through Sunday, December 20.

As directed by Governor Lee under the current Tennessee Pledge:  Reopening Tennessee Responsibly guidelines, we’ll be conducting on-site, in-person lessons as follows:

1)  Checking temperatures and asking screening questions.  Before allowing anyone to join a lesson we’ll be doing both of these.  We’ll be screening family members as well as students.

2)  Students, family members and instructors will wear masks or other appropriate face coverings.  We are protecting each other by doing this.  At this time and under these circumstances, working together masked is a necessary personal discipline.

3)  “No Contact”.  In line with personal distance requirements, students will not be holding targets, shields or other training tools for each other.  Our students will need an adult member of their immediate family to attend lessons with them as their training partner, so that we are limiting contact appropriately.  The adult training partner will be holding training tools and providing other simple assistance with the guidance of the lead instructor.

4)  We won’t be sharing training equipment, such as targets and shields.  Students will bring their own individual, dedicated equipment to lessons with them, and take them home again afterwards.  Having these available will also allow you to practice your karate skills together at home.  We’ll use the following training tools:

—  Karate Tigers & Fundamentals Students:  please bring a Blocker (“Caveman Club”) to your lessons.  The supply of these continues to be limited.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you need us to order one for you.

— Honors & Black Belts Students:  please bring your Arm Shield and your Padded Long Sword to your lessons.  For your “B” lessons, please bring your Bo (long staff) as well.

5)  We will maintain appropriate physical distancing.  We have training spaces marked out on the floor for our students, and we have dispersed seating available for family members.  Because of the space restrictions specified in the Tennessee Pledge guidelines, students should have just their adult training partner with them during their lessons.  We have plenty of seating available at need in the courtyard immediately outside our school for other family members.

A couple of other general points that several members of our school community have asked about:

Video Tutorials:  We will continue to make online video tutorials available on your karate skills for this term to help you practice at home.  These reference videos will take you through all your skills in depth.  We will have a set of these available for your 1st Achievement Stripe skills, and for your 2nd.

Student Quarantine or Isolation:  In the event that you’re temporarily unable to attend lessons because you’re either in quarantine or isolation, you can continue your lessons through distance learning. Please contact the senior instructor, Mr. Booker, to make the necessary arrangements.  We’ll use the online video tutorials to help structure your distance learning.  You can submit your work at home by video for class credit.  We will also have two “Catch-Up” weeks scheduled during this Term to help you get back up to speed with your lessons if you had to be home.  Quarantine is used for someone who may have been exposed to COVID-19, as a precaution until their test results are known.  Isolation is used for someone who has tested positive for infection with the virus. Should you need to stay at home in either situation, we’ll get you the instructional support you need.

Please follow the link below to download your written Advisory:

Advisory — COVID-19 Student Safety Guidelines


Autumn Term Lessons Start: Monday, September 14

We will be starting lessons for our Autumn Term this Monday, September 14.

We will continue to conduct our lessons as directed by Governor Lee under the current Tennessee Pledge:  Reopening Tennessee Responsibly guidelines.

We’ve prepared a detailed Advisory on how lessons for the Autumn Term will work under these guidelines.  Please follow the link below to download your Advisory, and look it over carefully at your convenience.

Advisory — Autumn Term 2020

Also, at the end of your first lesson during the coming week we will have a brief meeting where we will go over the Event Schedule for the upcoming Autumn Term.

“Catch-Up” Week: Monday through Sunday, 9/7 – 9/13

This will be our “Catch-Up” Week — Monday through Sunday, September 7-13.  During this week, we will be conducting:

  • School maintenance & upkeep work.
  • Shooting Video Tutorials for next term.
  • Private “Catch-Up” lessons and Make Up Promotion Exams.
  • Introductory Lessons & Family Conferences.

Please contact our Senior Instructor, Mr. Booker, to schedule appointments for these as needed.

We will be off of our regular lesson schedule during this week.  We will resume our regular lessons on Monday, September 14 — the beginning of our Autumn Term.


Graduation Summer Term: Saturday, September 5

Our Graduation Ceremony for the Summer Term will be this Saturday, September 5.

We will hold our Graduation Ceremony outdoors in the courtyard immediately in front of our school.  This will be “Weather Permitting” — though the current forecast is for a partly cloudy, dry day.

We will be presenting your new belt and your certificate of rank.  Please wear your current rank belt and your uniform for your Graduation.

Please arrive about 5 minutes early for your ceremony.  If you would, please limit your guests to the members of your immediate family.  We will be observing appropriate physical distancing.  Please wear a mask or other appropriate cloth face covering of your choice.

Fundamentals students who will be moving up to Honors for the upcoming Autumn Term should still attend the Graduation Ceremony for your current fundamentals group.

Graduation schedule:

10:00am — Junior Fundamentals (ages 6-8)

10:20am — Junior Honors (ages 6-8)

10:40am — Teen & Adult Honors (ages 9-12)

11:00am — Karate Tigers (ages 4 & 5)

11:20am — Pre-Teen Fundamentals (ages 9-12)

11:40am — Pre-Teen Honors (ages 9-12)

Please follow the link below to download your information flyer:

September 2020 Graduation Flyer

Promotion Exams: Monday-Friday, 8/31-9/4

Promotion Exams for the Summer Term will take place in our lessons this week, August 31 — September 4 (Monday through Friday).

Promotion Exams are the tests where our students demonstrate the martial arts skills they have learned during this term, and will earn their advancement to their next belt rank.

The Exams will take place during normal lesson times throughout this week.

Fundamentals and Honors students should attend both your “A” & “B” lessons to complete your Promotion Exam.  To be eligible to take the exam your should have earned your bronze and silver achievement stripes.

Tigers should attend one of your lessons to complete your Promotion Exam.

Should you miss the exam due to illness or family emergency, we will schedule special “Make Up” sessions for you as part of our upcoming “Catch-Up” Week.

Graduation will take place on Saturday, September 5.  For further information on the Graduation, please follow this link:  Graduation Summer Term 2020 Information.

Please check with your instructor if you have any questions about the Promotion Exams or Graduation.

Review Week: Monday-Sunday, August 24-30

Just a reminder that this is our Review Week — Monday-Sunday, August 24-30.

For all our students, we’ll be preparing for our upcoming Promotion Exams.  We’ll be reviewing and practicing all of the skills that you’ll be demonstrating for your Exam next week — so that you can do your very best with all of them.

Please be sure to come to both your “A” & “B” lessons this week for a thorough review of your skills.

See you in class!

Humane Society Donations: Black Belt Community Service Project

Just to let you know about the current Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Black Belt Community Service Project.  This has been organized by Mr. Robbie Mitchell, as one of the parts of his Promotion Exam for 1st Dan.

Mr. Mitchell will be collecting a variety of animal care items requested by the Humane Society.  He will have a collection bin for donations set out at our school.  If you would, please take a moment to follow the link below to see if there is something on the list your would like to donate as part of Mr. Mitchell’s project.

Humane Society Donation List

HSTV’s Wish List –

Mr. Mitchell will be collecting items for donation through Sunday, August 30.  The Humane Society will also accept monetary donations, if you would prefer.

For more information about the Humane Society and its work, please follow the link below:

Humane Society Information Video

Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Information Flyer

2nd Achievement Stripe Tests This Week: Monday-Sunday, August 17-23

We will have 2nd Achievement Stripe (Silver) tests for our Karate Tigers, Fundamentals and Honors students during our lessons this week — Monday, August 17 through Sunday, August 23.

Fundamentals and Honors students should attend both your “A” and “B” lessons this week to complete your stripe test.

Karate Tigers students should attend at least one of your lessons this week to complete your stripe test.

If you haven’t yet tested for your 1st Achievement Stripe, please contact our Senior Instructor, Mr. Booker, ASAP.  You’ll need both your 1st (Bronze) and 2nd (Silver) Achievement Stripes to be eligible to participate in the upcoming Promotion Exams the week of August 31 to September 6.


Black Belt Course 2nd Training Period Video Tutorial

For our Black Belt Students, these are our Summer Term 2nd Training Period Video Tutorials and written Guides.  We will be doing a progress check over these skills in our lessons together the week of August 17-23.

Please follow the links below to access your Video Tutorials and written Guides:

Black Belt Course “A” Lesson 2nd Training Period Video Tutorial

Black Belt “A” Lesson Guide

Black Belt Course “B” Lesson 2nd Training Period Video Tutorial

Black Belt “B” Lesson Guide

Karate Tigers: 2nd Achievement Stripe Video Tutorial

For our Karate Tigers Students & Parents, this is our 2nd Achievement Stripe Video Tutorial and written Guide for both our “A” & “B” Lesson skills.  We will be testing for 2nd Achievement Stripes (Silver) in our lessons together the week of August 17-23.

Please follow the links below to access your Video Tutorial and written Guide:

Karate Tigers “A” & “B” Lesson 2nd Stripe Video Tutorial

Tigers 2nd Stripe Lesson Guide