Special Events: Intro to Free Sparring & Fight Night

As part of our Fun Week schedule, we have two special events for Honors Students today, Thursday, November 20.

6:30pm — Introduction to Free Sparring for new Honors Students (Senior Yellow Belts) of all ages.  We will go over the basic rules for Free Sparring with a partner, as well as how to wear and maintain your new sparring gear.

7:00pm — Fight Night:  Face the Music for Honors Students of all ranks and ages.  We will be Free Sparring together to music.

Participation in either (or both) events will count for 2 Class Credits for the upcoming Winter Term 2014-15.

See you this evening!

Fun Week this week — Special Schedule

Special Fun Week Schedule this week (Monday-Sunday, November 17-23).  Lessons will not meet on our normal schedule during this week.

Monday through Wednesday, November 17-19, we will have Introductory Lessons, Private Lessons, and Conferences by appointment.  No classes will meet on these days.

Please check here for further special events later on this week!

Special Workshop: Introduction to the Tonfa

Special Workshop:  Introduction to the Tonfa will take place today, Sunday, November 16, at 6:00pm.

This workshop will be an introduction to this traditional Okinawan Kobudo weapon.  Our distinguished guest instructor is Mr. David Henderson of the Samurai Dragons dojo.

This special workshop is open to Junior and Pre-Teen students holding Probationary Black Belt rank or higher, and Teen & Adult students holding Blue Belt rank or higher.

See you there!

Autumn Term 2014 Graduation Today

Our Graduation Ceremony for the Autumn Term 2014 will be today, Saturday, November 15.

The Graduation Ceremony is for all students who have earned advancement to their next rank during the Promotion Exams this week.  Please wear your uniform for this, and Honors Students should bring their sparring gear and padded weapons.

At Graduation, you will perform a brief demonstration of some of the things you learned to earn your new rank, and then you will be formally presented with your new belt and rank certificate.  Please invite your family and friends to come see you at Graduation — there will be plenty of seating, and plenty of parking space as well.

Graduation will begin at 10am for our Tigers students (ages 4&5), and for our Juniors students (ages 6-8), and at 12:00 Noon for our Pre-Teen, Teen & Adult students (ages 9+).

Graduation will take place at the First Lutheran School, 1207 North Broadway, Knoxville, TN  37917.

See you there!

Final Day of Autumn Term Promotion Exams

Just a reminder that today — Friday, November 14 — is the final day for Promotion Exams for the Autumn Term 2014.  If you have not completed your Exam yet, you can do so today.  Please come to your normal lesson today to complete your Exam.  Lesson times are as follows:

3:30pm — Tigers (ages 4&5)

4:00pm — Junior and Pre-Teen Fundamentals Students (ages 6-12)

4:45pm — Junior and Pre-Teen Honors Students (ages 6-12)

5:30pm — Teen and Adult Fundamentals and Honors Students (ages 13+)

I know that some of our students have been out ill this week.  If you are unable to complete your Promotion Exam today, please contact me directly regarding setting up a “make-up” session next week, during Fun Week.

Tom Booker, Senior Instructor

School Open Today, Tuesday, November 4

Just a reminder that lessons will meet today, Tuesday, November 4, on our usual schedule.

I have had several of our students and families ask about this, as today is Election Day, and in consequence the Knox County Schools have cancelled classes for students today.  For teachers, this is an “In-service day”.  To clarify this a bit, when the Knox County Schools close completely (students and teachers are both off), we will close as well.  When the Knox County Schools partially close of an “In-service day” (students off, but teachers working), we will hold lessons on our normal schedule.

Just to repeat, lessons meet as normal today.  See you in class!

Tom Booker, Senior Instructor

Promotion Exams This Week

Just a reminder that Promotion Exams will be taking place during normal lesson times this week, Monday through Friday, November 10-14.  Please be sure to attend your regular lessons this week to complete your Promotion Exam.

Closed Friday, October 31, for Halloween

Just a reminder that we will be closed today, Friday, October 31, for Halloween.  No classes will meet on this day.  Enjoy your Trick-or-Treating this evening!

Halloween Safety Seminar — Sunday, October 26

We will be having our annual free Halloween Safety Seminar this coming Sunday, October 26, at 2:00pm.  We’ll be covering the American Red Cross guidelines for safe trick-or-treating together.

This special seminar is for all families who participate in trick-or-treating, and is especially worthwhile for parents or older children who will be supervising trick-or-treaters on Halloween.  We will also have special free healthy treat bags for the first 25 people to register, courtesy of Pratt’s Country Store.  We will have a sign-up sheet available at the school for you to register.  You do not have to be a current student at Broadway Family Karate to participate in this special seminar.

Family and friends are welcome to come with you for this special seminar.  Please wear your Halloween costume if you possibly can.

Participation in the Halloween Safety Seminar will count for 2 Class Credits.

One Step Workshops Sunday, October 19

We will be holding a series of One Step Workshops for both Fundamentals and Honors students this coming Sunday, October 19.  These workshops will meet on the following schedule:

1:00pm — Fundamentals Students — Self-Defense Kata #1, and all 3 One Steps from this pattern.

1:45pm — Intermediate Honors Students (Sr. Yellow-Blue) — Ch’on-Ji Hyung, and all 3 One Steps from this pattern.

2:30pm — Advanced Honors Students (Sr. Blue-Sr. Red) — Joong-Gun Hyung, and all 3 One Steps from this pattern.

3:15pm — Honors Black Belts — Bassai Hyung and all 3 One Steps from this pattern;  all 3 Rokushaku Bo One Steps.

2 Class Credits for all participants.  Please register at the school if you plan to participate.