One Step Sparring Workshops Sunday, April 27

We will be having special One Step Sparring Workshops for Fundamentals and Honors Students on Sunday, April 27.  We’ll be going over all three of your One Steps for this term.  This workshop will be good preparation for 3rd Achievement Stripe tests during the coming week, and for the Promotion Exams that will take place the week of May 12-16.  These workshops will meet on the following schedule:

1:00pm — Fundamentals Students;  Self-Defense Kata #2 and the 3 One Steps from this pattern.

1:45pm — Intermediate Honors Students (Sr. Yellow-Blue Belts);  Do-San Hyung and the 3 One Steps from this pattern.

2:30pm:  Advanced Honors Students (Sr. Blue-Sr. Red Belts);  Choong-Moo Hyung and the 3 One Steps from this pattern.

3:15pm:  Honors Black Belts;  Po-Eun Hyung and the 3 One Steps from this pattern, 3 Rokushaku Bo One Steps.

Participating will count for 2 Class Credits.  See you there!

New Student and Parent Orientation Meeting

We will be having a new student and parent Orientation Meeting this Saturday, April 26, at 3:00pm.  We will be discussing how the Tigers and Fundamentals programs work, how you earn achievement stripes to go on your belt, and how you earn advancement to your next belt.  We’ll take a few minutes to talk about the Honors Program as well.  We’ll also be answering any questions you may have about instruction at our school.

This meeting will last about 45 minutes.  Attendance will count for 2 class credits.  Please register at the school if you plan to attend.

See you there!

Closed Saturday, April 19

We will be closed this Saturday, April 19, for the Easter weekend.  Lessons will meet on our regular schedule Monday, April 21.

Happy Easter!

Outdoor Lessons at Adair Park: Saturday, April 12

We will be having special outdoor lessons this Saturday, April 12, at Adair Park.  Lessons will meet on the normal Saturday schedule.

You won’t need your uniform for this — please wear a t-shirt, trousers, and shoes, as well as your rank belt.  Bring some water and a snack with you as well — the morning should be cool, but temperatures are supposed to rise to the upper 70s later in the day.

Participation in this event will count for 2 Class Credits.  Parents must be with students during the event.

We will also be having our scheduled Honors Program Board Breaking Workshops at the park.  Junior Honors (ages 6-8) at 2:00pm;  Pre-Teen Honors (ages 9-12) at 3:00pm;  Teen & Adult Honors (ages 13+) at 4:00pm.

See you at the park!

Honors Board Breaking Workshop Saturday, April 12

We will be having an Honors Program Board Breaking workshop this coming Saturday, April 12.  Junior Honors Students (ages 6-8) will be at 2:00pm;  Pre-Teen Honors Students (ages 9-12) will be at 3:00pm;  Teen and Adult Honors Students (ages 13+) will be at 4:00pm.

Please bring your re-breakable board with you for this workshop.  We will also be breaking wooden boards at the end of each workshop.  Please register at the school if you plan to attend.  Participation will count for 2 class credits.

Patterns Workshops Sunday April 6

We will be having our Spring Term Patterns Workshops this Sunday, April 6.  These workshops will be for both Fundamentals and Honors Students.  We’ll look at your patterns as a whole, as well as working with performance and application of selected techniques — things that are new for you, or that you may find particularly challenging.  All participating students will receive 2 Class Credits.  The workshops will take place as follows:

1:00pm:  Fundamentals Students — Self-Defense Kata #2

1:45pm:  Intermediate Honors Students (Sr. Yellow-Blue) — Do-San Hyung

2:30pm:  Advanced Honors Students (Sr. Blue-Sr. Red) — Choong-Moo Hyung

3:15pm:  Black Belt Honors Students (all ranks) — Po-Eun Hyung

1st Achievement Stripe Make-Up Tests

If you missed your 1st Achievement Stripe test last week, we will be having “make-up” tests this week during regular lesson times on Friday and Saturday, March 28 & 29.  Please come to your regularly-scheduled lessons on one of these days to take the test for your 1st Achievement Stripe!

Closed for Spring Break March 21 & 22

Just a reminder that we will be closed for the Spring Break this Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22.  Regular lessons will not meet on these days.  We will be having a special Rokushaku Bo Workshop for Black Belt Honors Students on Saturday, March 22, at 2:00pm.  Lessons will resume on our normal schedule Monday, March 24.

Enjoy your Spring Break!