Graduation Ceremonies: Monday-Sunday, June 20-26

Our Graduation Ceremonies for the Spring Term will be during the upcoming week:  Monday through Sunday, June 20-26.

As we have discussed in our lessons together, we will hold our Graduation Ceremonies here at our school.

Graduation will be during your usual class time, but on the day you have selected — either your “A” lesson or your “B” lesson.

At Graduation you’ll perform a short demonstration of a selection of the skills you have learned to earn your new rank.  We will then present your new belt and your certificate of rank.  Please wear your current rank belt and your uniform for your Graduation.

We will video your Graduation, both your skill demonstration and presentation of your new rank.  We’ll make this video available to you a few days afterwards, so that you can share this with friends and family who are out of town, or are unable to attend.

If you haven’t yet completed your Promotion Exam we have special Make Up sessions set aside for you during the upcoming “Catch Up” week (July 27-July 3).  Please contact our school by phone or email at your earliest convenience and we will get you scheduled to make up your Promotion Exam.

Please follow the link below to download your information flyer:

Spring 2022 Graduation Information Flyer