Winter Term Graduations this Week: Monday-Sunday, 4/12-4/18

Our Graduation Ceremonies for the Winter Term will be during the upcoming week:  Monday through Sunday, April 12-18.

As we have discussed in our lessons together, we will hold our Graduation ceremonies indoors at our school.

Graduation will be during your usual class time, but on the day you have selected — either your “A” lesson or your “B” lesson.

At Graduation you’ll perform a short demonstration of a selection of the skills you have learned to earn your new rank.  We will then present your new belt and your certificate of rank.  Please wear your current rank belt and your uniform for your Graduation.

We will video your Graduation, both your skill demonstration and presentation of your new rank.  We’ll make this video available to you a few days afterwards, so you can share this with friends and family who are out of town, or who are quarantining, isolating, or sheltering at home to protect a vulnerable family member.

We will follow our usual safety procedures — physical distancing, wearing masks, checking temperatures and asking screening questions.

You’re not required to participate in Graduation Week.  If at present you are quarantining, isolating or limiting contact with people outside your household as a precaution, please let Mr. Booker know and he will arrange a private session during our upcoming “Catch Up” week — April 19-25.

Please follow the link below to download your information flyer:

Winter 2021 Graduation Information




Promotion Exams this Week!

Just a reminder that Promotion Exams for the Winter Term are coming up this week, April 5-11 (Monday through Sunday).

Promotion Exams are the tests where our students demonstrate the martial arts skills they have learned during this term, and will earn their advancement to their next belt rank.

The Promotion Exams will take place during normal lesson times throughout this week.

Fundamentals and Honors students should attend both your “A” & “B” lessons to complete your Promotion Exam.  To be eligible to take the exam you should have earned your bronze and silver achievement stripes.

Karate Tigers students should attend one of your lessons to complete your Promotion Exam.

Should you miss your exam due to illness or family emergency, we will schedule special “Make Up” sessions for you as part of our upcoming “Catch Up” week (April 19-25).  If you are sheltering at home, please let Mr. Booker know and we’ll make arrangements for you to complete your exam using the online video tutorials.

Please check with your instructor if you have any questions about the Promotion Exam or Graduation.

Easter Holiday: Sunday, April 4

Just a reminder of our schedule for the upcoming Easter weekend.

We will have lessons on our regular schedule on Friday and Saturday, April 2 & 3.

We will be closed in observance of the holiday on Sunday, April 4.  No lessons will meet on this day.

We will resume our full lesson schedule on Monday, April 5.

Have a happy Easter!

Winter Term Skills Review Week: March 29-April 3

This is our Winter Term Skills Review Week (March 29-April 3).  We’ll be preparing for our upcoming Promotion Exams the week of April 5-11.

We’ll be reviewing and practicing the skills you’ll be demonstrating for your Promotion Exam.  This will have your skills fresh in your mind, so that you’ll be able to do your best with all of them during your exam.

Postponed: Ijams Nature Center Roadside Cleanup

We’re getting in touch to let you know that the Ijams Nature Center Roadside Cleanup project scheduled for tomorrow — Saturday, March 27 — has been postponed.  We’re forecast for severe thunderstorms tomorrow.

Out of prudence, Ms. Jennings has decided to reschedule her Black Belt Community Service Project for Saturday, April 10.

We will have further information for you about this project as the new date gets closer.

“Catch Up” Week: March 22-28

Just a reminder that this is our “Catch Up” Week — Monday through Sunday, March 22-28.

We will have special private lessons available by appointment during this week.  These will help you to get caught up if you have had to miss a few lessons during the past few weeks.

During this week, we will be conducting:

  • Private Make Up tests for your 1st and 2nd Achievement Stripes.
  • Private skill coaching and “Catch Up” lessons.
  • Introductory Lessons and Family Conferences.

Please contact our school at your earliest convenience to schedule appointments for these as needed.

We will also have two Black Belt Community Service Projects taking place during this week:

  • Board Breaking for Appalachian Outreach, lead by Ms. Izabella Hill.
  • Ijams Nature Center Roadside Cleanup, lead by Ms. Rory Jennings.

Regular lessons will not meet during this week.  We will resume our regular lessons on Monday, March 29.

Appalachian Outreach: Black Belt Community Service Project

We have our Board Breaking for Appalachian Outreach Black Belt Community Service Project coming up next week.  This has been organized by Ms. Izabella Hill as on of the parts of her promotion exam for 1st Dan.

Ms. Hill will lead a series of Board Breaking Workshops in support of the Appalachian Outreach ministry in Jefferson City.

These workshops are open to our Honors students of all ages.  Both Karate Tigers and Fundamentals students will also be allowed to participate.  With our Tigers and Fundamentals students, we will carefully go over board breaking basics, and then the student will have the option of trying their first board break.  No one will be required to attempt a break if they don’t feel ready for this.

Workshops will meet on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday — March 23, 25 & 28.

Please follow the link below for your complete workshop schedule:  Board Breaking Workshop Schedule March 2021

If you wish to participate, we would ask that you please provide gently-used adults’ and children’s clothing for donation in support of the Appalachian Outreach ministry.  We have set out a bin at the school where you can leave donated items.  Ms. Hill will also be accepting money donations.

Please follow this link to find out more about the Appalachian Outreach Ministry:

Please consider donating even if you’re unable to participate in the Board Breaking sessions.

Please register at the school if you plan to participate, or get in touch by email or phone if you will be attending.

For any questions about the event and Appalachian Outreach, please contact Ms. Izabella Hill by email at

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Ijams Nature Center: Black Belt Community Service Project

We have our Ijams Nature Center Community Service Project coming up on Saturday, March 27.  This has been organized by Ms. Rory Jennings, as one of the parts of her Promotion Exam for 1st Dan.

Rory Jennings would like for you to join her on March 27th from 10:00am to Noon for the Spring Clean-Up at Ijams Nature Center.  Volunteers, ages 9+ recommended, will meet at the Mead Quarry Parking Lot at 3518 Island Home Avenue near the entrances to Ijams.

Ijams will provide both trash bags and orange safety vests for participants.  While some disposable gloves will be provided, it is strongly recommended that you bring gloves that fit your volunteer’s hands.  Normal Covid-19 safety protocols will be followed, so bring your mask and maintain physical distancing.

This service project will be part of the larger 32nd annual Ijams River Rescue.  Sponsored by TVA, this event is part of a larger clean-up of the tributaries of the Tennessee River.  Trash collected on March 27th will be weighed and announced in the local media.

Requests for more information can be sent to Rory’s father, Will Jennings, at  If heavy rain is forecast for March 27th, an announcement will be sent out to registered participants the day before.

Please follow this link for more information about Ijams Nature Center:

Please follow this link to download your information flyer:  Ijams Community Service Project Info

Daylight Savings Time Begins: March 14

Just a reminder from Bob that Daylight Savings Time begins today — Sunday, March 14.  He always finds this a bit disorienting.  Spring Forward as best you may!

Silver Achievement Stripe Tests: Monday-Sunday, March 15-22

We will have Silver Achievement Stripe tests for our Karate Tigers, Fundamentals and Honors students during our lessons this coming week — Monday, March 15 through Sunday, March 21.

Fundamentals and Honors students should attend both your “A” and “B” lessons this week to complete your stripe test.

Karate Tigers students should attend at least one of your lessons this week to complete your stripe test.

Should you miss your stripe test this week, we will have a special “Catch Up” week March 22-28.  We can schedule a special time during this “Catch Up” week for you to complete your Achievement Stripe test.

Should you need to earn your Bronze Achievement Stripe, we will also arrange special sessions for you to work through these skills.  When you’re ready to go on these, you’ll be able to test for your Bronze stripe.

Please contact our Senior Instructor, Mr. Booker, by email at, or by phone at 865-688-0120 should you need to schedule a special session during the “Catch Up” week, March 22-28.