Orientation Meeting: Saturday, June 26

Just a reminder that we will be having an Orientation Meeting for new students and families on Saturday, June 26, at 1:30pm.

Open to all new students and families — and especially recommended for Parents.  We will go over the details of the Fundamentals & Tigers Programs, including earning achievement stripes and belt rank advancement.  You’ll also be able to ask any questions that you may have.  We’ll also discuss the basics of how the Honors Program works, and how students qualify for membership.

We encourage all our new students, parents & families to come if at all possible.  Please contact us by phone or email if you plan to attend.

Please follow this link to download your information flyer:  Orientation Flyer June 2021

“Catch Up” Week: Tuesday through Sunday, 6/1-6/6

This is our “Catch Up” week — Tuesday through Sunday, June 1-6.

We’ll have special private lessons available by appointment during this week.  These will help you get caught up if you have had to miss a few lessons during the past few weeks.

During this week, we will be conducting:

  • Private Make Up tests for your 1st Achievement Stripe.
  • Private skill coaching & “Catch Up” lessons.
  • Introductory Lessons & Family Conferences.

Please contact our Senior Instructor, Mr. Booker, at your earliest convenience to schedule appointments for these as needed.

We will also have a Black Belt Community Service Project taking place during this week:

Regular lessons will not meet during this week.  We will resume our regular lessons on Monday, June 7.

Please follow this link to access your information flyer:

June 2021 Catch-Up Week Information

Closed in Observance of Memorial Day: Monday, May 31

We will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday on Monday, May 31.  No lessons will meet on this day.

Enjoy your holiday!

1st Achievement Stripe Tests This Week: Monday-Sunday, May 24-30

We will have 1st Achievement Stripe (Bronze) tests for our Karate Tigers, Fundamentals and Honors students during our lessons this week — Monday, May 24 through Sunday, May 30.

Fundamentals and Honors students should attend both your “A” and “B” lessons this week to complete your stripe test.

Karate Tigers students should attend at least one of your lessons this week to complete your stripe test.

Should you miss your stripe test this week, we will have a special “Catch Up” week June 1-6.  We can schedule a special time during this “Catch Up” week for you to complete your Achievement Stripe test.

Please contact our Senior Instructor, Mr. Booker, by email at, or by phone at 865-688-0120 should you need to schedule a special session during the “Catch Up” week.

Board Breaking for Family Promise: Community Service Project

We have an upcoming Board Breaking for Family Promise of Knoxville Black Belt Community Service Project.  This project will be ongoing through Saturday, June 5.  This has been organized by Ms. Emma Brosnan as one of the parts of her promotion exam for 1st Dan.

Ms. Brosnan will be collecting donations for Family Promise of Knoxville.  This organization provides a community-based response that empowers and equips families experiencing homelessness and housing-instability to achieve sustainable independence.

Ms. Brosnan will also help lead a series of Board Breaking Workshops in support of Family Promise on Thursday, June 3 and Saturday, June 5.

These workshops are open to Honors Students ages 6 & older.  Both Karate Tigers and Fundamentals students will also be allowed to participate.  With our Tigers and Fundamentals students, we will carefully go over board breaking basics, and then the student will have the option of trying their first board break.  No one will be required to attempt a break if they don’t feel ready for this.

Please follow the link below for your complete workshop schedule:  Family Promise Board Break Workshops Info.

If you wish to participate, we would ask that you please provide a donation in support of Family Promise.  We have set out a bin at the school where you can leave donated items.  Ms. Brosnan will also be accepting money donations.

Please follow this link for a list of suggested items for donation:  Family Promise of Knoxville Donation Information

Please follow this link to find out more about Family Promise of Knoxville:

Please register at the school if you plan to participate, or get in touch by phone or e-mail if you will be attending.

Please consider donating even if you’re unable to participate in the board breaking sessions.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

T-Shirt Tie-Dye Sessions: How it works…

For everyone who ordered t-shirts, our Summer T-Shirt Tie-Dye sessions are this Sunday-Tuesday, May 16-18.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your lesson.  Do not wear your uniform for this lesson.
  2. Pick up your shirt from the staff and put your name on it.  (Tag or inside the collar work best.)
  3. Dampen your shirt and tie it up — we’ll show you how.
  4. Your shirt goes in to soak, and you go in to your lesson.
  5. After your lesson (or 30 minutes), get your shirt from the soaking bucket.
  6. Put on some gloves and a smock, and put on the color.  More is better.  Messy is good.  This is just about impossible to mess up.
  7. Bag up your shirt.  We’ll take charge of it from here — after giving the dye enough time to fix to your shirt, we’ll rinse it and launder it.
  8. Pick up your one-of-a-kind shirt when you come to your lessons next week.  It will be ready for you to wear!

T-Shirt Tie-Dye Sessions: Sunday-Tuesday, May 16-18

Just a reminder that we have our Summer T-Shirt Tie-Dye sessions coming up Sunday-Tuesday, May 16-18.  These will take place during your regular lesson times.

We’ll have the Tie-Dye stations set up outdoors in the courtyard.  All needed Tie-Dye materials and assistance will be available for you.

Available t-shirt sizes are Child Small through Adult XXXL.  The shirts are a white poly-cotton blend with our school logo screened on the front and back.  All shirts are $20.

Please order by Wednesday, May 12 to have your shirt in time to Tie-Dye.

Download for details on the Tie-Dye sessions:  Tie-Dye Sessions Basic Info

Student & Family Advisory: Covid-19 Safety Protocols Remain in Effect

Some of our students and families have had questions about the Covid-19 Safety Protocols in our lessons at Broadway Family Karate.  I would like to clear up some of the confusion that has arisen over the provisions of Executive Order #80 issued by Governor Lee on April 27, and how this effects our school.

  1. The limited State of Emergency in the State of Tennessee remains in effect until May 31 — the Memorial Day Holiday.
  2. We are to seek guidance from our County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control on appropriate Covid-19 safety protocols.
  3. The Knox County Health Department has notified us directly to maintain our existing safety protocols.  This specifically includes wearing masks and physically distancing.

In accordance with Executive Order #80 and the Knox County Health Department, our current Covid-19 safety protocols remain in effect.

Our safety protocols are also in accord with current recognized “Best Practice” within the Martial Arts teaching profession.

Please contact me if you have further questions about the current safety protocols.  We will make an appointment to meet privately outside of our regular lesson times.  We can then discuss your concerns thoroughly without interrupting or impeding a lesson in progress.

I hope that you and your family are all staying safe and keeping well!

Tom Booker

Senior Instructor


Summer Term 2021 Event Schedule Now Available!

Our Event Schedule for the Summer Term 2021 is now available.  Please download this and look it over at your convenience to find out about the special events coming up during the Summer Term at Broadway Family Karate.

Please follow this link to find your schedule:  Summer Term 2021 Events

Summer Term Lessons Begin This Week!

Summer Term lessons begin this week, starting Monday, April 26.  See you in class!